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Church Staff

Rev. Greg Young, Pastor

Mark Kannenberg, Organist/Pianist
Sheila Dettmann, Church Secretary
Chris Miller, Custodian
Cindy David, Youth Group leader

Council Members

President Ron Mull
Vice-President Ray Schowalter
Secretary Todd Wetterau
Head Usher Randy Ryan
Treasurer Anna Freese



The committee participates in collecting non-perishable food items four times a year for St Boniface and West Bend food pantries, collecting paper items four times a year
for Friends of Abused Families, and collecting travel sized hygiene products for Dr. Albrecht’s Free Clinic in West Bend during the summer months. If you would like to learn more or join the committee, you can contact Sheila Dettmann.


The committee will meet once per quarter regularly or at any time the pastor or the committee deems it necessary to call a meeting.
The purpose of this committee is to support and maintain an open relationship between the pastor and members of the congregation. Should any member have a concern that they feel should be discussed between the pastor and committee, please feel free to contact any member of the committee. If a significant concern or suggestion is brought forward we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Members include:
Bill Wetterau (Chair), Les Beuscher, Darold Hoelz, Lynne Schuppie, and Sandy Wendlandt


The purpose of this committee is to take care of the maintenance of the church building and the property outdoors. If you would like to learn more, join the committee, or let them know of an issue, you can contact Dale Schuldt or anyone on the committee.

Members include:
Dale Schuldt (Chair), Chris Miller, Dennis Dettmann, Jim Klug, and Gene Dettmann


This committee has a two part duty: 1) work with the pastor to help services run smoothly and work through issues or changes that want/need to be made with services and 2) run as an Altar Guild with the following responsibilities: set up Communion monthly and for special services, order worship supplies, changing alter clothes as needed, changing altar candles, getting Christmas Eve candlelight service candles set up and put away, etc.

Members include: Patty Kannenberg (Chair), Betty Egger, and Todd Wetterau

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